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Currently the website is locked except for a select group of people. During this testing phase I will be adding content, adding website functionality, and showcasing new songs/videos.

During my time as Jack Evans I had some very loyal followers on YouTube. If you are a part of that group, if you're family, or if you're a friend - go ahead and register and send me an email with your account name. (

I'm looking to setup another core group of people who care about the music as much as I do. Once inside you'll see everything I'm working on, such as:
  1. Song Histories
    This will include almost every song I've ever recorded. It will have links to demos, older mixes, stories behind the music, and week by week progression - all in chronological order.
  2. More Blogs
    I plan on cataloguing the details of every song I do. So inside you'll find chords, lyrics, lead sheets. There will be a section for Q&A, I need your questions. I'm even going to bring back the daily album reviews.
  3. New Music
    I'm recording again! I want to hear your thoughts on it!
  4. My Scratch Pad
    I've got all these ideas I'd like to do and I want to hear your feedback on what you want to see.
  5. A Better Website
    This is probably one of my biggest failures over the years. Programming is what I do for a living now. There is no excuse not to have a robust, flexible, and easily maintainable website. I want to ensure that I can easily add new content so once it's setup - I can focus on the music.
I've been away for far too long. I'm looking to return sometime in 2015.